Tough, stiff, compliant

Tough, stiff and compliant carbon rims

As our customer reviews testify, our rims are incredibly tough. We have found what in our view is the perfect balance of strength, stiffness and compliance for front and rear wheels individually. All of our front rims use a lighter and more compliant construction, with the rears having the extra strength required for the beating we expect them to take. Our BF37/31 and BF42/35 wheelsets are built with 32 spokes in the rear and 28 spokes in the front for the perfect balance of weight, compliance and longevity. All of our rims are asymmetric to give much more even spoke tensions on both sides of the wheel for genuine advantages to the strength and handling of the wheel. Reviewers and customers have described our wheels as ‘direct and accurate yet smooth riding’. You don’t often hear the latter in many other carbon wheel reviews.  Click here for our opinions of what sets carbon rims apart from alloy. 

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