Lifetime Crash Replacement

All of our wheelsets come with lifetime crash replacement for the original owner. It doesn’t matter how you break it, we will replace it for free an unlimitted number of times.

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Handbuilt with Care

Every set of our wheels are hand built by Stuart using his wealth of experience from years of building carbon mountain bike wheels. Nobody puts more time and care into building wheels and the Blue Flow reputation is built around this. When you combine this with the strength of our rims, our choice of proven high quality hubs and our refusal to compromise with anything other than brass nipples, we believe our wheelsets have the highest longevity of any mountain bike wheels on the market.

Tough, Stiff and Compliant Carbon Rims

As our customer reviews testify, our rims are incredibly tough. We have found what in our view is the perfect balance of strength, stiffness and compliance for front and rear wheels individually. All of our front rims use a lighter and more compliant construction, with the rears having the extra strength required for the beating we expect them to take. Our BF37/31 and BF42/35 wheelsets are built with 32 spokes in the rear and 28 spokes in the front for the perfect balance of weight, compliance and longevity. All of our rims are asymmetric to give much more even spoke tensions on both sides of the wheel for genuine advantages to the strength and handling of the wheel. Reviewers and customers have described our wheels as ‘direct and accurate yet smooth riding’. You don’t often hear the latter in many other carbon wheel reviews.  Click here for our opinions of what sets carbon rims apart from alloy. 

Choice of Hope or Bitex hubs

We build our wheels on Hope or Bitex hubs, both of which we believe stand out from the crowd and each with their particular strengths unmatched by any other brands – reliability, longevity and serviceability being a high priority with both designs. Our wheels are built to last and our choice of hubs reflects this along with our insistance on only using brass nipples.

Choice of Sapim Race or CX Ray Spokes.

We use Sapim spokes with a choice of excellent double butted ‘Race’ or the exceptional ‘CX Ray’. While the Race are top quality spokes usually found on carbon wheels of many of our competitors, for just £70 extra, CX Rays offer a flat profile and hefty 90-100g weight saving (per wheelset). Take a look around the internet to find the price of any other set of mountain bike wheels built with CX Ray spokes – you will be surprised.

Brass Nipples – Built to Last

It’s so tempting for wheel builders to use alloy nipples as they are light and give the choice of flashy colours. However we have experienced many seized and rounded alloy nipples and even had to completely rebuild wheels with new spokes for customers who have bought their (non Blue Flow) wheels to us for a simple spoke tension and true. For us, the slight weight penalty of brass nipples is far and away worth the price for much harder, stronger nipples that will never seize to your spoke. Longevity cannot be quantified with numbers but is high on our priority list when building our wheels. 

Extensive colour options to customise your wheels

Customise your wheels with a huge range of decal colours to choose from. If you order Hope hubs you have six colours to choose from. We also sell full decal kits (£10) so if you ever change your bike, change your mind or just fancy a change, you can easily change the colours and appearance of your wheels.

Tubeless ready

All wheelsets are delivered taped with Muc-Off tubeless rim tape already fitted.

Any hubs, any spokes, any decals, any combination………….

We can build on any other hubs you choose, including Leftys, and you can customise your wheels in any way you like. Silver spokes, Chris King / DT Swiss / i9……. hubs, play with decal colour designs or even choose naked carbon, mix and match 27.5 and 29er, wider rim on the front and narrower on the rear…..  It’s impossible for us to list every possible option you could choose so please contact us with requirements or ideas and we will let you know a price.