Hope, i9 or ERASE Hubs

We build our wheels with Hope, Industry Nine and ERASE hubs as standard but if you want any others, please just ask.



Hope Pro4 Hubs                                                                                       

Manufactured just up the road in Barnoldswick, we have always loved Hope hubs. No others come close when it comes to choice of fittings, choice of colours, availability of parts, adaptability and serviceability. Highlights include:

  • Huge reliability, longevity and serviceability
  • Tried and trusted – these hubs have been around for as long as any of us can remember 
  • Total adaptability – if you ever change your frame or fork, or a new ‘standard’ fitting or freehub body comes out in the future, you can be sure Hope will produce the parts to get your existing wheels to fit. 
  • Fantastic warranty and customer service
  • All parts are easily accessible and always will be
  • Available in a choice of 6 colours: black, silver, red, blue, orange and purple



We are proud to offer ERASE hubs as an option on our wheelsets – our lightest hubs. They are just the type of company we love to deal with – two guys in Belgium with a massive passion for what they do who have designed their hubs from the ground up. Incorporating all of the most important features usually only found individually across the best hubs on the market. Highlights include: 

  • Only 382g per pair (around 100g per set lighter than Hope Pro4 and on par with DT Swiss 240)
  • 60 point engagement ratchet freehub for 100% surface engagement.
  • Titanium freehub body – no more marks on your freehub and this contributes to the light weight of the hubs. 
  • Enduro angular contact bearings. Fully sealed for long life, these allow play adjustment for optimum performance and longevity. Enduro are very highly regarded and these bearings are readily available if you ever do want to replace them in the future. 
  • Easy tool free servicing that anyone can do at home. No small or fiddly parts to lose either. 
  • Lifetime warranty for the initial owner on all parts except bearings.
  • only available in black

Find out more on the ERASE website: https://www.erasecomponents.com/mtbhubs


Industry Nine 1/1 hubs

Looking for a hubset that is budget friendly yet high performance?
The new 1/1 hubs from Industry Nine have you covered.

With 90 points of engagement and a six pawl dual phased system the 1/1 utilises a 45 tooth drivering that provides an amazing 4 degrees between engagement.

The 1/1 offer the weight and performance normally only found in much more expensive hubs.

1/1 hubs are machined, assembled and anodised in Industry Nines own factory in the USA.


  • High Load sealed cartridge bearings
  • SRAM XD, Shimano HG and Shimano Miicrospline 12spd freehub body options
  • Super fast 4 degree engagement
  • Service friendly retained pawl system
  • Leaf spring pawl actuation
  • Labyrinth radial lip seal and end cap seals
  • Only available in black


Industry Nine Hydra Classic

Hydra is the culmination of over two years in development and countless hours of testing and refining.
With an incredible 690 points of engagement (that’s just 0.52 degrees), the new Hydra drive system is the next level in hub technology.

Utilising a 115 tooth drivering and a phased six pawl engagement Industry Nine Hydra re-writes the rules for hub performance.

The design is a continually “phased” drive system that creates a procession of engagement points between the pawls and the drivering.
By utilising the inherent flex in the hub system, it allows positive second, third or even fourth pawl contact providing almost instant engagement that means solid power transfer from your legs to your pedals.
The new design also minimises stress through the system that results in longer lasting bearings and less drag

Every Hydra Classic hub is manufactured from start to finish in Industy Nines own factory in the United States.
From design and development, engineering, manufacturing, and anodising right through to final assembly.


  • 690 points of engagement (0.52 degrees between engagement)
  • 6 pawl, 6 phase
  • 115 tooth drivering
  • 7075-T6 alloy hub shell machined in Industry Nine’s own factory
  • High quality Enduro stainless steel bearings with upgraded seals
  • Upgraded axle design for even longer bearing life
  • Available in  a choice of 11 colours: black, silver, red, orange, green, lime, pink, purple, turqoise, gold and blue
  • Please note, we can source black Hydra hubs within one week but all other colours will add up to 6 weeks to the lead time. Please include your colour in order notes