Hope or Bitex Hubs

We build our wheels with Hope and Bitex hubs as standard but if you want any others, please just ask.


Hope Pro5 hubs                                                                                        

Manufactured just up the road in Barnoldswick, we have always loved Hope hubs. No others come close when it comes to choice of fittings, choice of colours, availability of parts, adaptability and serviceability. Highlights include:

  • Huge reliability, longevity and serviceability
  • 108 points of engagement
  • Total adaptability – if you ever change your frame or fork, or a new ‘standard’ fitting or freehub body comes out in the future, you can be sure Hope will produce the parts to get your existing wheels to fit. 
  • Fantastic warranty and customer service
  • All parts are easily accessible and always will be
  • Available in a choice of 7 colours: bronze, black, silver, red, blue, orange and purple


Bitex hubs

  • Manufactured in Taiwan
  • High quality Japanese bearings
  • The lightest and best value hubs we sell
  • 54 points of engagement with 6 pawls engageing as two pairs of three for ultimate reliability
  • Very easy to service with all parts readily available in the UK at very reasonable prices
  • Trading since 1923