Warranty / Crash Replacement

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Lifetime Crash Replacement / 2 Year Limited Warranty


Lifetime Crash Replacement Cover

All of our carbon wheels come with lifetime crash replacement cover in the very unlikely event that you damage your rim while riding within the parameters the wheels are designed for (i.e. not DH or Freeride) – only available for the orginal owner of the wheel. Damaged rims are an extremely rare occurrence so while we will replace a damaged rim an unlimited number of times, if you do damage a rim more than once we would ask that you work with us to understand why this is happening and how it can be prevented in the future.

Please note: Alloy rims are not covered with crash replacement.

Two Year Warranty

This applies for the original purchaser only and does not cover normal wear and tear. If any component is found to be defective you will receive, at our discretion, free repair or replacement and we will refund all shipping costs when we confirm a warranty claim is justified.

Non riding related and Used wheels Crash Replacement Cover

If you damage your wheel in a non riding related incident (reversing over your bike etc :o) ) or if you have purchased the wheels second hand we will rebuild it for £180 (per one wheel) including the cost of shipping the re-built wheel back to you.