Reviews and Testimonials:

Here’s a handful of reviews we’ve received. Further reviews for each specific wheelset model can be seen on individual wheelset pages

………….I’ve had absolutely no issues with the wheels. Despite a good few rim-dings and an odd clumsy cased landing as I’ve played with the tyre pressures, they’ve remained true without any need to result to using a spoke key. If that day should ever come the brass nipples used in the build should ensure that the spokes will still turn and not be corroded as can happen with alloy nipples. And if things ever do go particularly pear-shaped, the crash replacement scheme is nice for the added peace of mind……..

……The Blue Flow BF37/31 is a well-priced, light and stiff trail wheelset. They have a direct-feeling on the trail with good acceleration, and their on-trend width will suit modern 2.3-2.6in tyres well. Along with the solid Hope hubs, workaday build and warranty support, these are worth checking out if you’re looking to make the jump to a set of carbon hoops…………

Singletrack Magazine review. Click here to read the full article

‘The best rims I could have put on my Orange Segment – love the bike, but it is made all the better with the Carbon / Kevlar rims. I am not the lightest man in the world I don’t think I am the slowest. I have been using these wheels for nearly 2 years they are hardly marked. I live in the Yorkshire Dales area so plenty of rocks never a problem. Would recommend them, and have done to anybody.’

Andy Richards, Andystand Bike Stands, West Yorkshire

‘I’ve just done 5 runs at Fort Bill on the 29 enduro wheelset, plus Lagan and Golspie. I’m 14 stone, wheels are still as true as when I fitted them, really noticed how stiff they are compared to my alloy wheels. Great wheels, great service and you get to talk to the guy that builds them, how cool is that!’

Donald Hay, Fife


‘I can’t praise these wheels highly enough. I’ve owned them for over a year now and bought them to replace the original wheels on my YT Capra. I went for carbon because I wanted lighter wheels and I loved the look of the kevlar but I didn’t realise how different they would feel. Faster, more reactive and surprisingly much quieter running and less harsh than previous alloy rims. I haven’t treated them gently and they do have some scratches and scuffs but they are still totally true and I haven’t had to touch the spokes in over a year of riding. Great service from Stuart. I don’t think I will ever need to buy another set of wheels again but I would definitely buy these if I did.’

Richard Davenport, Warrington


‘I couldn’t be happier with my choice to go with Blue Flow Wheels, I did a lot of research on wheels to put on my enduro bike this year and ended giving blue flow a call. Right from the ordering process I was happy as you are dealing with the guys that are actually going to build your wheels, they turned up when they said they would, built how I wanted and ready to go. As for the wheels performance they have been great, tubeless seated first time with no leakage and every run from bike park wales to Alpe D’huez they have been great.’

Julian Mudge, Team Rocky Mountain UK, Devon


‘We had a great experience with the Blue Flow kevlar carbon wheels. Wide rims offer a lot of advantages in terms of grip and traction and using carbon keeps the weight of wider rims to a good level. The wheels were very easy to get tyres onto and set-up tubeless. The wheelset was stiff horizontally for accurate tracking but compliant enough vertically to take away some of the trail harshness….’ (full review here)


‘Quick update after a few months riding these wheels. They have been SEVERELY tested, 2 enduros, countless rock gardens, and are still 100% true, spoke tension is unchanged, hubs perfect, a few rock strikes and scuffs but you’d expect that. If you want a bomproof, well priced carbon wheelset, look no further. They really are a superb wheelset, thanks again!’

Don O’Connor, Ireland


‘Bought a set of these rims for my trail bike before a trip to the Alps, absolutely fantastic wheels and couldn’t believe how much they changed the ride for the better, fast, responsive and so much feedback in the corners they give a rider huge amounts of confidence. I have hammered these wheels all over the world for 3 years, still running dead straight, can inflate tubeless with just a floor pump and have never let me down. I’ve been so impressed with the All Mountain Enduro wheelset i’m using a set of the 30mm 29er rims for this years XC racing……’

Anthony Brown, Singapore


‘These wheels haven’t put a foot wrong, and just as importantly the back up and responsiveness from Stuart at Blueflow when I’ve had stupid questions has been great.

I’ve had the wheels for around 6 months, and though I haven’t ridden them as much as I would like, they have had a fair old bashing from the unskillful/heavy me at uplift venues such as Antur Stiniog and Bike Park Wales with barely a mark on them.

Light, strong, look amazing, built superbly, UK support and better value than any other carbon wheelset I’ve come across – what more could you want!’

Tim Scales


‘Needed some wheels for my new build, my Stans Flow with Hope pro 2 had served me well for a good few years and was maybe looking to go down the same route until I stumbled across Blue Flow Wheels. I thought carbon wheels were well out of my price range and an unnecessary luxury, alloy has been fine all these years for me but I spoke to Stuart and put across my needs and he assured me they would fit the bill. I’m not a small rider, about 6ft 1′ and 16st, and living on the edge of the Lake District with its rocky trails I need strong wheels. They seem to be truly unbreakable, I get it wrong quite a bit and they just take all the hits, staying true and seemingly unmarked with the new Hope hubs still a doddle to service. I didn’t think new wheels could make a bike faster but round the fast flowy stuff at Whinlatter you can certainly notice the difference, so much more grip and confidence to corner faster. Don’t look any further for a new set of wheels, well happy and impressed with Blue Flow, top service from Stuart, if you are thinking of upgrading your wheels, I would thoroughly recommend these.’

Richard Elsworth, Cockermouth


‘I have used these wheels for nearly 12 months on my Canyon Strive, I can honestly say I cannot find fault with anything from the point of ordering to the present day.
I have thrown these wheels down the Alps, Trail Centres, bike parks, off piste and enduro races and they haven’t had any trouble soaking any of it up.
The price, quality and service that Stuart provides is second to none any question is always answered ether by phone or email.
I have recommended these wheels to everybody I come in contact with without any hesitation and I can honestly say that every bike I own in the future will don a set of these wheels.’

Iain Brookes, West Bromwich


‘The wheelset is amazing, tried to run Hans Dampf Trailstar on rear for more grip but was cornering that hard it ripped the outer knobs off so run a Double Defense on the rear now. I’m very happy with the rims downhill a lot faster – and uphill. Will be getting a set for my carbine in the near future, they have changed the way I ride, a lot more confident, I don’t even bother with lines anymore with these on I can just go straight over the top, they level rocky sections and turn tight. I will be running on carbon rims for the rest off my riding life they are that much better than alloy’

Adrian Chapman, Lancashire


‘So I received these wheels a couple weeks ago and I’ve used them a handful of times. What can I say…. straight out the box they look superb, the matte finish on orange pro 4’s is striking yet subtle. Built up with hans dampf tyres they ride very well. They’ve been used in wet, muddy conditions and they are faultless. They track better, they feel stiffer yet more forgiving and the 35mm rims are properly wide. Next up the price, £679 is a steal, do it! My only regret is not getting the more expensive Sapim spokes (some you win and all that)…. Lastly I saved over 250grams in weight coming from Pro 2’s/ E13 TRS combo’

Andrew Edwards, Devon

‘I purchased a set of these wheels October 2016 with the kevlar carbon finish, straight pull hubs and Sapim spokes and love them! I have ridden them over much of the UK already and have a trip to the Alps this July to really put them to the test. They look the business with the striking kevlar/carbon finish. They have been very reliable and are still 100% true. I am running with approx. 23psi up front and 25psi at the back, which is providing so much grip on 2.3″ Maxxis High Rollers. The service provided by Stuart is brilliant, he will try to colour match the graphics to your bike. I actually changed my order at the very last moment for a different colour after already making my payment and stuart kindly changed the order for me.
I Stumbled on this site when I was looking for carbon wheels and have no regrets at all and very glad to have found it. If you’re reading this you’re probably thinking about getting a set. I would recommend these wheels all day long. Go for it.’

Graham Collins, Manchester


‘Nothing but praise for the wheels and service! They are so direct and responsive due to the weight. I doubt anyone will find a better set of wheels in a package like this Ever! (Service, Hope Hubs, Wide Carbon Rims, Hand built, Warranty… ..) what’s not to like?! Many thanks, happy customer 6 months rolling on!’

Robert Rand, Peebles

‘I bought a set of these wheels from Stuart and i couldn’t be happier with them. They look even better in real life than they do in the pictures and the performance matches the looks. I had a pair of 30mm 29er wheels on the bike prior to swapping to these and haven’t gone back the 29ers yet. I am running them with 2.8 maxxis rekons which are setup tubeless (tubeless setup was easy with these wheels) and are working well for me. I was very happy with the service i received from the first enquiry right through to delivery and would definitely recommend the wheels and blueflow to anyone looking for a great set of carbon wheels and fantastic service.’

Stuart MacDonald, South Downs


‘After lots of research, I came across Stuart’s website and spoke to the man himself. Really knowledgable and passionate and happy to answer all my questions. The wheels were superbly built and made my already fab Ibis Mojo3 even better. They are the perfect width for running 2.8 chubby tyres and are definitely stiffer but somehow more compliant than the (again excellent) alloy Ibis 742s I replaced them with. Since then ridden a trouble free 1000km on all sorts of terrains and in a couple of bike parks. Not had to even touch them with a spoke key. Recommended

Now I want another set for my FS 29!’

Stuart MacDonald, South Downs


‘I looked at lots of options before I came across Blue Flow. The 35mm internals were exactly what I was after for wide trail tyres and the asymmetric build on boost Hope hubs creates a really strong and laterally stiff wheel. I was slightly concerned that being so stiff would make them feel harsh but this is totally not the case, so long as you get tyre pressure and suspension setup right they feel amazing. Stuart’s wheelbuilding and service is first class. I’ve been hammering the wheels for several months including regular Bike Park Wales trips and they’ve taken everything I can throw at them with just the odd scratch. Value for money is amazing and highly recommended.’

Sam Wells, Swansea