October 17, 2016

About Us

About Us - Blue Flow Wheels - Carbon Mountain Bike Wheelsets, MTB, Custom Built, About Us

Blue Flow Wheels, is owned and run by Stuart Bowman. Two times British Olympic athlete in whitewater canoe slalom. Stuart has been an avid mountain bike enthusiast since retiring from canoeing in 2006. Blue Flow Wheels are based near the National Watersports Centre in Nottingham.

Stuart is passionate about his riding and his kit. He understands the quality of product and customer service that people expect when spending money on a new set of wheels. He takes time and care with every set of wheels he custom builds as Blue Flow Wheels flourishes on reputation and word of mouth.

Quality as standard! It goes without saying that an experienced wheel builder who is building every set of wheels for his own customers and reputation will put in more care and attention in comparison to a similarly experienced builder on an hourly rate building wheels for an employer. Take a look at our wheelsets here.

Our Ethos

Our is to provide fantastic carbon wheels at an exceptional value for money. Combining high-quality tough carbon rims with top end hubs spokes and brass nipples. Every set of wheels is built with care and attention, never rushed, to produce wheelsets that compare to the most expensive in the market on weight, strength and performance. Don’t just take our word for it, visit our customers testimonials.

We’re certain you will love your Blue Flow Wheels and for peace of mind each set is supplied with a two-year limited warranty as well as a lifetime crash replacement service.

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