24mm – 42mm rim widths

Rim Widths are available in 30mm, 35mm and 42mm outer widths to suit all applications from heavy duty XC through to hard hitting All Mountain / Gravity Enduro racing.

Whichever width you choose, rest assured that all of our rims are manufactured from our ‘all mountain’ construction so even if you would prefer to run narrower tyres on a 30mm wide rim, your wheels will be just as tough as the equivalent 35mm and 42mm wide versions.

The best rim width for you is dependant on preferred tyres and personal preference. Our 35mm wheels are by far our most popular choice and we believe these to be the perfect balance for most riders, tyres and applications. However, if you regularly run tyres less than 2.3′ width or like having the option of running Plus size tyres, we have it covered. Click here to view the wheelsets.

Blue Flow Wheels - Carbon Mountain Bike Wheels - Rim Widths