Kevlar Option

sexiest mtb wheelset

Our 35mm rims give you the choice of a standard UD carbon finish or you can choose to upgrade to a kevlar carbon weave outer skin for even more impact resistance and that stand out look. Please note that this option adds around 15g to each rim on stated wheelset weights.

Kevlar is a synthetic material strong enough to stop bullets and knives and is said to be 5 times stronger than steel on a weight to weight basis. It has an extremely high specific tensile strength which means it is resistant to stretching, tearing and cracking.

However, kevlar on it’s own does not provide the rigidity and stiffness required for many applications including mountain bike rims.  Our rims utilise a carbon skin – kevlar and carbon woven together and then laid over the standard UD carbon rim structure. This gives the rims extra defence against rock strikes and other external impacts without affecting the stiffness and rigidity of the wheel. These wheels also have a unique look so you know your wheels will always stand out on the trail. Click here to view the wheelsets.

Blue Flow Wheels - Carbon Mountain Bike Wheels - Kevlar