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All of the components used to construct our wheels have been carefully selected. Creating the best performing and most durable carbon wheels available at any price.


Our rims are made from unidirectional Toray T700 carbon, extensively tested in the lab and on the trail.

The majority of riders will turn to carbon rims to save weight. However, for us, the absolute most important feature of a carbon rim is that you can trust it 100%. This strength also contributes to the stiffness which sets carbon wheels apart from anything that can be produced in alloy. We have achieved weights that are similar to much narrower rimmed comparably priced alloy wheels and on par with the highest priced similar width carbon wheels on the market.

Our rims all utilise hookless bead technology for extra strength and are supplied tubeless ready with Stan’s rim tape fitted. Tubeless tyres seal and inflate easily with just a track pump giving a floorless seal – no burping or air pressure loss.


We only build our wheels with Hope Pro 4 hubs for several reasons:

  • Manufactured just up the road in the UK
  • The most reliable hubs we know of
  • Fantastically easy to adapt to different fitting sizes and freehubs
  • All replacement parts are readily available now and forever
  • Available in 6 different colours and they look amazing!

If Hope make them, we can build your wheels on them.

Sapim Race 2.0-1.8-2.0 spokes

Our standard wheels are built using Sapim Race 2.0-1.8-2.0 double butted black hooked spokes. Double butted spokes save weight and allow for a little extra vertical compliance through the narrower middle section of the spoke. These spokes are extremely strong and reasonably light weight. We feel these are the best spokes for our wheels and the type of riding they are designed for without breaking the bank for the most exotic and expensive items.

Sapim CX Ray Spokes

We also offer the option to upgrade to these most exotic and expensive spokes if you desire – Sapim CX Rays. These save around 90g per wheelset compared to the standard double butted spokes. They give the best results in fatigue testing compared to any other spoke on the market and give excellent vertical compliance. The only disadvantage to these spokes is their high cost and this upgrade adds £70 per wheelset.

Brass Nipples!

We only build wheels with brass nipples as they are much stronger and resistant to seizing over time when compared to alloy. We do get requests for alloy nipples but we will always attempt to talk customers away from this as these are much more likely to crack, round off and seize over a period of several years. Using alloy nipples is a cheap and easy way for wheel builders to save a little weight and bling up their wheels but the disadvantages far outway the benefits.